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In a sea of sameness, we swim differently. Our people are unique. Our perspectives are unique. Find out why our employees are proud to say #IAmARazorfish.


Leaders by example

Big and Small

Your 8th grade English teacher called it an "oxymoron," meaning the juxtaposition of 2 things that just don't seem to make sense together, and in fact, seem to contradict each other. For example: jumbo shrimp. In our agency, Razorfish Health, I think our employees don't need the English Comp crib sheet to know the answer to this one. You see, this agency IS both big AND small at the same time. Let me explain.

We are, of course, big in the sense that we are a major, global health care agency with offices in the US (3 to be exact) and 1 in the EU. We have more than 300 employees supporting more than 20 client brands and generating thought leadership, as the original digital agency and now as the next-gen health care agency, literally every week. We launch brands. We help shape and precondition markets for new therapeutic approaches. We do award-winning creative work that builds major brands. We are one of the top 20 largest health care advertising agencies. We are, simply, big.

Here's the but…we are also small enough that we know one another. Really. Working with us as a client or working with us as a colleague means that you are part of the Razorfish Health team, and carrying that flag means that we work together whether on a client project or our pro bono support of the causes that matter to us (you can see some of that in other places on this website). We live our core values every day: Optimism. Transparency. Grit. Creativity. Courage. We stand shoulder to shoulder whether it is working on a client project, or painting a schoolhouse wall in North Philadelphia, or creating a pro bono campaign for the Skin Cancer Foundation, one of our corporate social responsibility projects.

Therefore, this oxymoronic quality of being both large, global, and sophisticated AND at the same time being intimate, humble, and hardworking is our secret sauce. There you have it: big and small.

David M. Paragamian
Managing Director
July 2018

We Know

HCPs better than they know themselves

We know how fast their world is changing. How they are forced to do more with less. We understand how they think as consumers. And how they feel when they look into the eyes of the patients whose lives they affect every day. We also know where the digital transformation is helping them and where it may be leaving them behind.


For change

Because we know what HCPs are likely to do tomorrow, we can be ready for them. By understanding our audience the way we do, we can tailor a dynamic marketing experience that treats HCPs as individuals. Precision marketing. Hypertargeting. The more personalized we can be, the more proactive we can be—helping you get ahead of a changing landscape.


To uncover meaning and drive impact

In a complex world of endless interactions between patients and HCPs, data is everywhere. We think about data from day one. We collect, assess and synthesize that data to understand our audiences and personalize our messages, experiences, and mediums that we use to reach these audiences.

We Are

Everyday excellence

It sounds cocky, although the truth is anything but. We make the needs of our client and achieving business goals our first priority. We embrace partnership and advocate for our clients, no matter the size of the budget or scale of the project. Aligning the talents and personalities of our core team members ensures a productive and positive relationship with our clients. That “everyday excellence” is in our DNA.

New York City
New York City
1 Pennsylvania Plaza
5th Floor
New York, NY 10119

Our capabilities


  • Brand Strategy and Development
  • Creative Campaign (Branded and Unbranded)
  • Sales Collateral
  • Nonpersonal Promotion
  • Conference Support
  • Analytics/Metrics

Medical Communications

  • Scientific Strategy
  • Scientific Narrative and Platform Development
  • KOL Engagement and Peer-to-Peer Programming
  • Steering Committees and Advisory Boards
  • Conference Support
  • Analytics/Metrics


  • Digital Strategy
  • Experience Design
  • Data Analytics
  • SEM/SEO Services
  • Content Marketing
  • CRM
  • Digital Media Planning and Buying
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Development Services
  • Application Development
  • Architecture and Platform Development

More than 300 people

Across 3 locations

35 W Wacker Drive
14th Floor
Chicago, IL 60601
100 Penn Square East
4th Floor South
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Razorfish Health is the next-generation HCP agency set on redefining healthcare by combining 4 core elements: a foundation in deep science, a dedication to creative storytelling, an aptitude to build meaningful relationships for their customers, and a shared passion for improving health and transforming lives.

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